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Michael Holmes

Interior Design 

Michael’s love of fine art, nature and textures are a strong influence in his sophisticated but casual lifestyle in interior design. He has a knack for combining the unusual, reclaimed salvage, history and nature, and then creating a new fresh aesthetic design that integrates the indoors with the outdoors. While creating a sophisticated and casual lifestyle for a client, his strong view in interior design of mixing fine linens and fabrics and traditional and unique heirlooms and accessories with the rustic and distressed is his signature style. . .        

Michael has a strong interest and thirst for knowledge when it comes to art history. And though he’s known for a certain style, he loves the challenge and enjoys working with clients who are interested in classic interior design.

Michael’s interior design sense can be seen in the creativity and layout in all three of his business adventures; each location has a unique branding and style unlike any other retailers in these fields. All three businesses are located in the beautiful Napa Valley.

Fine Florals & Spectacular Events

Michael Holmes has secured his place as the most sought after floral and event designer in the Napa Valley. It is his sophisticated eye for details and unique elements that allow him to create an event that is unparalleled, memorable, and above all personal. Growing up in one of the most beautiful regions of the world, Napa Valley, Michael recognized early in his adolescence the enormous creative energy that ran through him. Before graduating from High School, he became the proprietor of Napa Valley's most successful and creative floral boutique. As a floral wedding and event designer, he takes his clients step by step through all the sumptuous details weaving together their interests, heritage, and unique elements, and telling a personal story of their celebration. Michael's thirty-five years in business have allowed him to create lavish legendary events throughout the Bay area. Particularly close to his heart is his charity work and giving back to the community that has been so supportive of him.

On a personal note, first and foremost I would like to say "Thank you" to all the people over the years who have entrusted me to design and orchestrate a very magical day in their lives. I am always honored to answer a client's list of questions that gets to the very essence of what they are envisioning for their memorable day.

Ivy, Twig, & Twine 

Michael Holmes’ newest adventure. . .

The store is located in one of Napa’s newest and finest shopping and dining districts ”Riverfront”  in the Wine Country. The store showcases Michael’s eclectic style and great eye for finding unique, unusual, and one of a kind objects. When you walk through the doors, it’s like stepping into a bygone era of vintage and new items “that have a vintage quality to them.” The store celebrates all the holidays throughout the year with unique decorations. The variety of items is priced so that everyone can find a treasure to remind them of their visit to Napa Valley. . .        

While in the Napa Valley, besides fine wines and fine food. . .    Ivy, Twig, & Twine is a must see!

Liken Gallery

This unique modern art gallery showcases original paintings and sculptures by Michael Holmes. Along with pieces of fine furnishings, art, and accessories from Michael’s private collection, he showcases local artists and crafts people. Michael’s unique talents for interior design using reclaimed and recycled items crafted into fine furnishings and light fixtures are perfect complements to his sophisticated style of modern art.

Michael was born in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, “Napa Valley.”

Early in his career, the artist community in the Napa Valley recognized his abilities in the art of fine oil paintings, and they took him under their wing, which allowed him to learn from and work with the areas most prominent and recognized artists. Michael has been painting and sculpting for over 45 years. The spectacular gallery overlooking the Napa River allows guests the opportunity to stop by and engage Michael in his working studio and gallery. . .

Michael paints and creates on a regular basis . . . Visitors to the gallery are always welcome and encouraged to interact with him during his creative process.